Security bulletin for Centreon Web available through The Watch

An audit has identified security vulnerabilities in Centreon Web.

Centreon is unaware of situations where these could have been exploited.

If an instance of Centreon Web is exposed on Internet, these vulnerabilities have a high likelihood of being exploited and have a severe impact if exploited which results in a high risk.


It is therefore highly recommended to apply the provided product updates as early as possible.


Who is impacted?

  • All Centreon on-premise platform versions are vulnerable.
  • Centreon Cloud platforms have already been updated.


Applying the fix

Fixes have been provided for all supported versions and it is recommended to update Centreon Web:

  • Centreon Web 23.10.5

  • Centreon Web 23.04.13

  • Centreon Web 22.10.17

  • Centreon Web 22.04.19

These versions include cumulative fixes from prior updates.


If you are running an unsupported version, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade your platform to 23.10.


Consult our Security Bulletin on The Watch :
(please ensure you created your The Watch account in order to consult it)

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