Big News! Centreon Update Process Overhaul

Centreon announces significant adjustments to its update process, impacting the release cadence and version support.

Starting October 2024, the release cadence of major versions will be reduced to one per year, providing users with clearer planning and a more stable update rhythm. This transition aims to better address the operational needs of IT teams, taking into account the challenges associated with frequent updates.

Additionally, Centreon is introducing a new Long-Term Support (LTS) strategy for its commercial editions. Major versions released in even-numbered years will now receive extended three-year support, offering organizations an extended period to integrate and leverage new features, as well as increased stability for their critical environments. Conversely, versions released in odd-numbered years will continue to receive standard 18-month support.

These changes aim to better align Centreon's practices with the diverse needs of its user community, providing everyone with the necessary flexibility to effectively manage updates based on their operational constraints and specific business requirements.

To learn more about these changes and their impact on your use of Centreon, we invite you to consult our comprehensive article by clicking the 'Learn more' button below.

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